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Scheduling Templates for Microsoft Excel

If you are a manager responsible for scheduling employees, you understand just how complex and tedious the process can be. Schedule too many hours, and your profit margin suffers. Schedule too few hours, and your customers suffer. was started in 2001 as a resource for managers.  We provide product reviews for employee scheduling templates and software that can help make your life easier.  In the Resources section, you will find helpful articles, and a forum where managers can discuss the 'art' of employee management and productive scheduling.

Employee Scheduler for Microsoft Excel

A simple but effective scheduling template that you can customize for your business. Produces weekly schedules, estimates employee wages, and calculates how many hours you are able to schedule, based upon your profit targets. Allows scheduling past midnight.

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Employee Shift Scheduler for Microsoft Excel

A simple templates you can customize to your business.  Employee Shift Scheduler lets you configure your shifts, and then assign those shifts to a specific employee.

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