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Hourly Employee Scheduler for Excel

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Employee Scheduler for Excel works well for small business that need to regularly create and printing weekly schedules. It also helps manage wages as a percentage of projected revenues. Just enter the maximum number of hours you wish to schedule and the average employee wage, and Employee Scheduler for Excel will let you know if you exceed your target

Employee scheduler for excel Employee scheduler for excel printed schedule

What is Employee Scheduler for Excel?
The Employee Scheduler is an affordable spreadsheet to help you schedule hourly employees and manage your labor costs as a percentage of sales. (Requires Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice to run).

This Excel spreadsheet was developed by the owner of a small quick service restaurant in the U.S.A. (ala Subway, Blimpie, Quizno's, etc).

Success in small business depends on controlling labor costs. This is key to survival. We needed a very simple, easy way of managing our labor costs on the weekly employee schedule. Most scheduling systems we reviewed were too complex or expensive for our needs. 

Who is the Employee Scheduler right for?
This employee scheduling spreadsheet is right for business owners and managers who have simple needs and who want an inexpensive tool to help them make schedules. Typically, it is right for business that:

* Schedule fewer than 25 employees on a weekly basis.
* Don't want to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars on a complex scheduling system.
* Need  to "ballpark" how scheduling scenarios impact the payroll as a percentage of sales.

Can I try it first?
Absolutely! Just Click here to download a protected trial version. When you purchase the scheduler, we will email you a link to download the unprotected version, which you can edit to fit your needs.

I need to schedule employees across midnight.  Can you handle that?
Yes, scheduling across midnight is not a problem.

I sometimes have to schedule an employee on two separate shifts in a day.
No problem. You slave drivers can schedule employees up to two shifts per day.

Can I modify it?
Yes! Modify it all you like.  Within 30 minutes of your purchase, we will email you a link to download the legally licensed and unprotected version of the spreadsheet.

My Manager is Salaried.
There is a row for scheduling a salaried manager's hours. The hours you schedule in the manager's row are not subtracted from the available hours.  If your manager is salaried, you already know what you're going to spend in wages. Just hide this row and put the manager's name in an hourly row if the manager is hourly.

Do you Support this software?
We provided very limited email support. We do not coach people on Excel, or give advice on how to make modifications. We will, however, fix attempt to correct legitimate errors that are reported.  We are always open for feature suggestions.  If you have some simple requests for adjusting the scheduler, we may be able to accommodate you for a small fee.

Buy Now | Learn More | Download Employee Scheduler Trial