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If you are a manager responsible for scheduling employees, you know how complex and tedious it can be to produce a timely work schedule every week. If you schedule too many hours, your profit margin suffers. Schedule too few hours, and your customers and employees suffer.

We are producers of Excel Scheduling Spreadsheets. Both products were designed by us, to meet the needs of a small business we owned. Now they are in use at thousands of businesses, large and small, all over the world.

Excel spreadsheet with employee scheduling features.
Create hourly employee spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel.
Microsoft Excel, print window for a weekly employee schedule showing employee names, days of week, and scheduled hours.
Print Employee Schedules from Microsoft Excel

We offer two employee scheduling templates for Microsoft Excel to address your needs. Both spreadsheets help you manage wages as a percentage of income by estimating the cost of labor scheduled and comparing it against expected revenue.

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Employee Scheduler for Excel works well for small business for making and printing weekly schedules. It also helps you manage wages as a percentage of projected revenues.