Install and Removal Assistance

These spreadsheets have been offered for sale since 2003, and are in use in thousands of businesses around the US, Canada and the world.

Installation Assistance

These Excel spreadsheets are available for download as a standard zip file.  Microsoft Windows will open them natively.  You can also use any standard zip software, such as Peazip, 7zip, WinRar, Winzip, etc.

Removal Assistance

These files are standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that are compatible with Excel 2013 back to 2003. Nothing is installed on your computer, so there will be no issues with removing the software.

To remove the file, just delete it from your computer. It will leave no trace of itself behind.

There are no macros or embedded Java code in these Excel spreadsheet files.

We recommend always scanning any file you download from the internet with antivirus software. We use to scan our files against 70 different antivirus software packages. We suggest you always do the same.

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