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MakeSchedules.com was started in 2003. Our products have been sold on Makeschedules.com website and also through a distributed network of software download sites.

This website offers products that we have developed ourselves, and also product developed by other companies that we think are complementary to our own products.  We clearly mark any 3rd party products on this website, and it’s possible that we could earn a commission if you purchase those products.  Any products listed here have been tested by us. We will not list a product that we believe is low quality.


The idea for scheduling spreadsheets came to us after acquiring a few quick service sub restaurants.  After being pitched an very expensive software package for employee scheduling, we decided to try and build a spreadsheet that would accomplish 80% of the benefits at about .020% of the cost.  The result was our Hourly Employee Scheduling Worksheet for Microsoft Excel.

Because it solved a practical real-world solution, we began sharing it with friends, who said, “You should sell this online!” So we did.  We long ago sold off the restaurants, but the Excel scheduling templates are still in demand more than a decade later.

In our data-driven world where every bit of information is collected and analyzed, there are still some people who are smart enought to get results with just enough information.  These scheduling spreadsheets are simple. Just plug in your best estimate of your expected revenue, along with employee salaries, and you can easily create schedules that will keep your business profitable.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you have found what you’re looking for. If not, leave us a comment and tell us what we can build for you.

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